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Stocks are back! And you don't need a three-piece suit and a huge tie to be a trader don't even even need a computer or to own a whole share. Access to wealth management hasn't really ever been for the masses, but our guests are changing that. In this episode we’re joined by Co-CEO of, Leif Abraham, and Frank Rotman, Founding Partner of QED Investors, to discuss the evolution and implications of a personal wealth management revolution.

OPERATOR Leif Abraham | Co-founder,

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Leif Abraham

Leif Abraham is Co-CEO of the social investing app and a Partner at the venture studio Prehype. Prior to Public, he was co-founder and CEO of AND CO, which he grew to become the largest freelancing software in the world. AND CO was acquired by Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR) in 2018. He also co-founded Pay with a Tweet, a first of its kind social payment system that was acquired by Hanse Ventures in 2012.


Previously, Leif has held senior roles in product strategy at R/GA and West, where he worked on product experience and marketing for companies like Rdio, Google, and Venmo.  Leif is an investor in companies like Ro Health and Catch. He is also an advisor to the seed investment fund


He was named one of the “Top 10 Minds in Digital” by Adweek, is a double Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner, and has won an MTV OMusic Award.

INVESTOR Frank Rotman | QED Investors

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Frank Rotman
Founding Partner, QED Investors

Frank is a founding partner of QED Investors. His investments are focused on financial services and financial technology companies that are credit oriented or have data analytics foundations at their core. His portfolio of 20+ investments includes many of the emerging next-generation companies in the financial services eco-system such as Credit Karma, Prosper, Avant Credit, SoFi, GreenSky, LendUp and ApplePie Capital.


Frank graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Applied Mathematics (B.S.) and Systems Engineering (M.S.).

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