The moronic circus of rearview mirror watching WeWork haters (who also seem to have a knack for lumpish puns) are to be moving on to the next town (Gloatsburg?). But they've left behind all the good stuff - the multi-billion dollar industry of Co-working. We've taken that opportunity to examine the cultural and generational phenomenon made famous and infamous by one company's spectacular public meltdown...but pursued and driven forward by many others, who have done a better job of managing the potential.

OPERATOR Jamie Hodari | CEO, Industrious

Jamie Hodari
CEO, Industrious

Jamie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Industrious. Founded six years ago Industrious is a coworking startup with over 200 million dollars of funding. By transforming real estate into a personal, elegant and high-quality experience with stunning offices and inspiring communities, Industrious built the concept of co-working into a scalable platform for businesses of all sizes. Industrious has over 30 locations nationally. 

Jamie also holds a B.A from Columbia University, a masters from Harvard and if that wasn’t impressive enough a J.D from Yale law school. He started his career as a journalist at the Times of India and went on to run the education non-profit Generation Rwanda, and do a bunch of other impressive things including being the Co-Founder and CEO of Kepler; a rapidly growing experimental university.

INVESTOR Aaron Jodka | Managing Director, Colliers

Aaron Jodka
Managing Director, Colliers

Aaron is Managing Director of Client Services at Colliers International; a leading global real estate services and investment management company with operations in 68 countries and more than $26 billion of assets under management. He is an analytical economist with over 14 years of strategic commercial real estate consulting and advisory experience. Aaron is often quoted in major publications such as The Boston Globe, Banker & Tradesman, Boston Business Journal, Bisnow, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Before Colliers International, Aaron worked for over 10 years as a Senior manager at Costar; a world leader in commercial real estate information. 


Aaron graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics from Assumption College.

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