By Wesley Updike - August 23 2018

As fruitful and exciting as it was, the wonderful conversation between Eric Paley and Noam Bardin raised as many questions as it provided concrete answers. Of all emerging technologies to think (worry) about, perhaps the most deserving of our collective skepticism, and optimism, is autonomous vehicles. While driverless cars have, recently, become a peripherally visible new part of our world, they’ve yet to arrive on the mass market. To this day, few of us have ridden in a Tesla, let alone an entirely unpiloted vehicle, and we appear to be some distance from a society-rendering breakthrough. The future seems as near as it does distant.

While autonomous vehicles stand to reshape vehicular safety, manufacturing, and commerce, in ways we can’t yet conceive of, the unforeseen consequences of these technologies frightening. Among the obvious concerns looms an even larger question: In a nation of car enthusiasts, how do we, the humans, feel about handing over one of our favorite past-times to...code. Will we, a nation of crazed motorists, gracefully hand over our keys to the bots? To help orient us as we hurtle towards an uncertain future, let’s take a look at several pieces that explore some practical and ethical questions surrounding AV:

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