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Frank Rotman
QED Investors
Leif Abraham
Co-Founder, Public.com

EP09: Make Money Moves
Social Investing

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Stocks are back! And you don't need a three-piece suit and a huge tie to be a trader anymore...you don't even even need a computer or to own a whole share. Access to wealth management hasn't really ever been for the masses, but our guests are changing that. In this episode we’re joined by Co-CEO of Public.com, Leif Abraham, and Frank Rotman, Founding Partner of QED Investors, to discuss the evolution and implications of a personal wealth management revolution.

Rick Zullo
General Partner, Equal Ventures
Eric Boduch
Co-founder, Pendo

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Don't even trip dawg, this one's a bit meta, but we got you on this one, broh. The Growth Stage Podcast explores the nature of problems being solved with products, and in this episode, we look at the problem of Product itself. Product is a proper noun here. We’re joined by Co-Founder of unicorn Pendo, Eric Boduch, and Rick Zullo, of Equal Ventures, to discuss Product's ecosystem and roots in every success story. 

Aaron Jodka
Managing Director, Colliers
Jamie Hodari
CEO, Industrious

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The moronic circus of rearview mirror watching WeWork haters (who also seem to have a knack for lumpish puns) are to be moving on to the next town (Gloatsburg?). But they've left behind all the good stuff - the multi-billion dollar industry of Co-working. We've taken that opportunity to examine the cultural and generational phenomenon made famous and infamous by one company's spectacular public meltdown...but pursued and driven forward by many others, who have done a better job of managing the potential.

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Growth Stage discusses the potential successes and failures of growth-stage industries and companies through the eyes of their biggest stakeholders. Each episode combines one investor, one operator, and lots of expertise to dissect hot-topic companies via their opportunities, challenges, and potential fates. From the outside looking in: Which will survive? Which will thrive? Which are they betting on? Listen now to join the conversation.

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