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Space Jam

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Tim Chang
Partner, Mayfield Fund
Harpreet Singh Rai
CEO, Oura Ring

Go Go Gadget Me
Digital Health (Quantified Self)

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We'd all like to use our bodies like a Ferrari, but maybe end up treating it like a trash compactor (T-1000 vs. Bender). Solutions are obvious (sleep, diet, etc.), but tracking/accountability always fall short. Personal devices are not new, but desire and ability to understand the power of these tools is evolving, quickly. In this episode we're joined by CEO of Oura, Harpreet Singh Rai, and Tim Chang, Partner at Mayfield Fund, to discuss the growing and improving world of quantified self and digital health.

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Vasu Kulkarni
Partner, Courtside VC
Joey Levy
Co-Founder, SimpleBet

Big Baller Betting
Sports Betting

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Money Ball vs. Liar's Poker - the data and analytics of sports betting. For as long as there have been sports, people have been trying to figure out how to bet on them. And as these markets have grown (although we still love a good chariot race), so too have the opportunities to make the action just a little bit sweeter. In this episode we're joined by Co-Founder of Simplebet, Joey Levy, and Vasu Kulkarni, Partner at Courtside VC, to discuss the evolution and implications of a sports betting and analytics.

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Frank Rotman
QED Investors
Leif Abraham

Make Money Moves
Social Investing

Episode Overview


Stocks are back! And you don't need a three-piece suit and a huge tie to be a trader don't even even need a computer or to own a whole share. Access to wealth management hasn't really ever been for the masses, but our guests are changing that. In this episode we’re joined by Co-CEO of, Leif Abraham, and Frank Rotman, Founding Partner of QED Investors, to discuss the evolution and implications of a personal wealth management revolution.

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Growth Stage

What are we doing here, people?


Growth Stage discusses the potential successes and failures of growth-stage industries and companies through the eyes of their biggest stakeholders. Each episode combines one investor, one operator, and lots of expertise to dissect hot-topic companies via their opportunities, challenges, and potential fates. From the outside looking in: Which will survive? Which will thrive? Which are they betting on? Listen now to join the conversation.

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