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Eric Boduch
Co-founder, Pendo
Rick Zullo
General Partner, Equal Ventures

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Don't even trip dawg, this one's a bit meta, but we got you on this one, broh. The Growth Stage Podcast explores the nature of problems being solved with products, and in this episode, we look at the problem of Product itself. Product is a proper noun here. We’re joined by Co-Founder of unicorn Pendo, Eric Boduch, and Rick Zullo, of Equal Ventures, to discuss Product's ecosystem and roots in every success story. 

Jamie Hodari
CEO, Industrious
Aaron Jodka
Managing Director, Colliers

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The moronic circus of rearview mirror watching WeWork haters (who also seem to have a knack for lumpish puns) are to be moving on to the next town (Gloatsburg?). But they've left behind all the good stuff - the multi-billion dollar industry of Co-working. We've taken that opportunity to examine the cultural and generational phenomenon made famous and infamous by one company's spectacular public meltdown...but pursued and driven forward by many others, who have done a better job of managing the potential.

Anshu Prasad
CEO, Leaf Logistics
Will Szczerbiak
Principal, Greycroft
Chris Olsen
Co-Founder, Drive Capital
Alex Rinke
CEO, Celonis

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Trucking has an almost mythological American cultural status. And there's a reason. It's got it all - the "American Dream", "Rags to Riches", "David vs. Goliath"...and more recently, with the help of our guests..."Nerd Gets Girl". In this episode we’re joined by Anshu Prasad, CEO of Leaf Logistics, and Will Szczerbiak, Greycroft Partners, to discuss trucking's profound reach, impact and technological awakening in one of our favorite episodes yet. No trucker speed required, Joseph Campbell eat your heart out, this is the hero's story of trucking.

Episode Overview


Companies are hoarding data now. And good for them, because, well…it’s f*cking everywhere. And hidden amongst and in between the zettabytes of data sitting in cold storage (and probably some old newspapers and a few dead cats) there’s an incredible amount of insight into our world. In this episode we’re joined by Alex Rinke, CEO of Celonis, and Chris Olsen, Drive Capital, to discuss keeping ourselves delightfully entertained with all this…data.

Philip Krim
CEO, Casper
Spencer Lazar
Partner, General Catalyst

EP04: Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night 
Disruptive Business Models

Episode Overview


What do starting a disruptive game-changing business and writing a hit screenplay have in common? Lots of assholes think they can do it. While the word "disruption" may rank among the most annoying and overused phrases in the modern business lexicon - there's definitely something to it. Philip Krim, CEO of Casper, and Spencer Lazar, General Catalyst, help us wrap our minds around this idea. Is it crazy to bet the farm on a "portfolio of one" or crazier to start one of Caspers 200+ copycats? Is betting it all the only way to change it all? Our fourth episode explores the questions about true 'disruption' that have been keeping you up at night.

EP03: The Robots Are Our Friends 
Artificial Intelligence

Episode Overview


As it turns out AI is hardly artificial anymore (slaps knee). The hardest part is making an intelligent decision about what to do with it (slaps knee again, we could do this all day). We’ve employed our own personal Skynet, Sophie Vandebroek and Rudina Seseri, to help us understand and break down this both very new and very old cutting edge idea, and where it may take us. Impending robot apocalypse? Yes, well I understand your view on this now, Hal.

Sophie Vandebroek
COO, IBM Research
Rudina Seseri
Founder & Partner, Glasswing VC
Scott Friend
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
Mark Weikel
Retail Whisperer
[Luxxotica, Victoria's Secret...]

Episode Overview


Has the tidal wave of born-digital upstart brands killed traditional retail? Are these “game-changing” newbies everything they seem, or is something else going on? Scott Friend and Mark Weikel, two serious OGs, still on the front line of retail’s undulating landscape, give us a peek behind the curtain to help us figure out “…the f#*k is going on here?!?"

Noam Bardin
CEO, Waze
Eric Paley
GP, Founder Collective

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Most people you know are barely fully autonomous, what makes you think cars are anywhere close? This industry is so new, so dynamic and so clever, even our heavy hitter guests can’t agree on how things will develop. The Jetson’s car? That's like, uh, so unrealistic. The premier episode of Growth Stage brings Noam Barden and Eric Paley into the octagon to help enlighten us on just how much is a play with the next generation of transportation.  First episode jitters? With an opener like this… psssshh.

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